Kam Bhamra

Kam Bhamra the golden child of Bhangra, is arguably the most awaited singer to return to the Bhangra scene this year.

One of the most talented punjabi singers to touch the screens with super worldwide hits with time das ja, ni baliyeh and the amazing album gold rush.

Having a little break and disappearing deep into riaz and classical and semi classical tuition from a very very young age, traveling to persia, india and pakistan to really master his craft, is about to explode back on the scene with a heavyweight album behind him, the new album is a complete implementation of kam bhamra’s skill and personality.

Music consisting from the Kam Frantic, Jeeti Production, and SUN E DODECAHEDRON.

2012, 2013 will be a abomination takeover of kam bhamra, and his new team of old school mixing with new school mixing with classical.

Its a cocktail of talent and its a statement about to blow.

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